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Wed, Apr. 13th, 2005, 04:43 am
averypenguin: Question of the Week

Hey everyone, Avery here, community mod. I'm going to try and help us build our community by getting some more interaction and involvement going here.

Let's all try and invite people that we know are involved in the praise and worship lifestyle to join! In the meantime, I thought we could interact a bit through a "Question of the Week." Each week, I'll ask a question that everyone can answer.

This week's question:

What instrument do you play (including the voice) and how did you begin to get involved making music with it?

I sing, of course, and have been since I was in elementary school, singing Tenor II and Baritone. My primary instrument is the keyboard. I've been messing around on keyboards since I was a Freshman in high school. Now, six years later, I play with my church's worship band. We're even putting out a CD this month! I have learned and grown a lot since coming to this church and my skills as a keyboardist are improving more and more each week.


Mon, Apr. 25th, 2005 03:23 pm (UTC)

Hi, I'm brand new here! I'm 24, and have been playing music off and on since I was 12. Around 19 I was asked to play bass on the worship team at my dad's church and that's really where I discovered how WONDERFUL worshipping God through music is. :) :) :)

I've played bass, keyboards, and guitar on worship and sang, melody or harmony (which is my favorite) and have also played bass and sang in a Christian rock band.

Right now I"m not doing too much, I jam occasionally and play out with some friends, we play mostly worship and Christian rock. Also occasionally we lead worship for my church's youth group. We're actually playing this Friday so if y'all could keep that in prayer it'd be cool.

God bless!

Mon, May. 16th, 2005 11:45 pm (UTC)

I'm 17 and began playing guitar last year for my churchs youth group. We have a very very small group of kids (5) and I sim and play the guitar while she sings. It's such an awesome blessing to see what music can bring to worship!